Poems , Apex thinking 


The past is there it lives to talk to us, you can stare

  to which we are all of us towards every nuance , can speak to the calm fate

  decision  , take never what you feel to be holding the thought of common  places , of  common virtues  .

be free of  the typical surroundings of your existence bare.

take heed in each way you look , touch the air , touch the ground

can be the only way of knowing,

don't be afraid of your strength and power.



a small  friend drops in for food, it scampers around to see if their

is any  substance to meet,  a human looks  to help find  , does it know a friend

is there , does it know the human might share,

a friend that loves unconditionally  will always be there.





 walking down the street seeing the people pass , a small brief interlude of time,  eyes meet , eyes flitter , away from the each other a setting seeing to become the stone of structure around you, think towards the incalubale movements of palces let the dreams of scenes pass by. do they look like the suttle guestures inwards, taking the grey day into brightness,  never can one understand the complexity  to which will we all bear fruitful.



creaking timbers falling embers they collect to an observance , it was only  a suttle

gesture , never to be true and forthright of presnence  never to be born in the way of your place

of were the surrounding the fence the speciecs live in each will to smile ,

they break into the grouping of each other,

a small step of reasons to see each other  bringing forth the gliding light

into the space around them.

Screeching the voices of the staring people, wuill they ask the voices to be stopped

they bleed into themseleves

excersion timing ones movements stopping along the way ,

seeing the field of your space

green points of reflection , boundless  to an expansion.




. A breeze flutter across the castway  spaces ,

dipping into the crevace untouched

small passages , small opening point into

other realms or time

the breaking silence of small stones fall,

the echoing tunnel comands the atttention

speak softly , speak true

were we lay it might be all we have




Dusk lit moon , under clouds  the setting of night falls

hearing  the outreach spoken words , some of joyful memories

inward the stepping stones lay apoun the ground

transfixed in their shapes

Corner templates of long ago signs

unheard of situations are abound by its perplexity

can we share the inner feeling of knowing what is right

the brief  glimpses can only live with you

take no notice of the howling thunder, its only a facade

far reaching catacombs breaching into a reality

colours abound by their glow.



spittle not be thrusting into the night sky, see the stars born 
temperance recalls oneself, not breaking but gathering into
reaching the invitation of delight , seeking each other
the calls and see the sunlight shine through



times are changing... as past things will go, it will never be the same.. breezes to which we all agree can go into silence , its not out of fear, just the knowing it will evolve to something new.